CoComeau Equestrian Testimonials

CoComeau Equestrian was established by Courtney Comeau in 2014. In 2018 Courtney bought her own farm in New Boston, NH at the top of Chestnut Hill Rd. This is located directly on the Bedford/Amherst line.

Courtney is truly amazing! Cindy Detscher

We are so thankful to have her as a trainer and instructor. Our daughter has so much more confidence when riding now. Courtney has spent the time getting to know our daughter and her strengths/weaknesses. She knows how to be compassionate when our daughter is timid. Courtney also knows how to safely challenge our daughter and push her past her comfort zone. Also, she allows her students to learn much more than just riding a horse at her barn. We were so impressed with Courtney we moved our horse to her barn last spring. She has been training our Quarter horse since last April. Peyton had been a pasture horse until we bought her at the age of 5. Then at her last barn had only been ridden Western. Courtney has been amazing in working with her. She has given our horse more confidence in finding her balance when a rider is on her. Now Peyton is being used in riding lessons. Courtney is able to teach other riders how to ride Peyton. Our family is very lucky to have Courtney at CoComeau Equestrian!


Professional, knowledgeable, a tremendous teacher! Denise (& Keelin) Llewellyn

My daughter has been riding with Courtney for over 2 years, and to say that she is hooked is an understatement. Courtney is professional and knowledgeable, and is a tremendous teacher. She is kind and caring and understands horses and children, and the marriage of these two worlds is beautiful to see. She is a role model for my daughter and I couldn't be happier about that. There is no other place my daughter wants to be than riding at Cocomeau Equestrian! Thank you, Courtney!

My daughters riding skills have grown tremendously! Tatum Greco

My daughter has been taking lessons with Courtney Comeau of Cocomeau Equestrian for quite a while and we couldn’t be more pleased. We had tried a few other barns, but none compared to Cocomeau. The facility is complete with an indoor riding arena which provides riding year round. The horses are well mannered and great for all levels of riding. Courtney’s demeanor with the kids and horses was what sold us. She is firm, yet gentle, playful, yet respected and has an incredible instinct for when students need a little push. My daughters riding skills have grown tremendously, so has her confidence on and off of the horse. I cannot say enough good things about Cocomeau. I do know we will be there for a long time to come.


Courtney does a wonderful job! Molly Ebitson

My daughter has been riding with Cocomeau Equestrian for a year and a half. She started riding with Courtney at 2.5 years old. As anyone would probably feel nervous putting their small child on a large animal, I feel comfortable with Courtney’s decisions on what horse is best for her to ride, and I have full confidence in Courtney to help my daughter stay safe while on the horse. Along with the regular lesson time on the horse, she also been learning the basic skills needed to care for a horse. Courtney does a wonderful job working with and giving her instructions that best fit her ability, as well as her attention span. Courtney has given her the opportunity to also be a part of a few horse shows, which she was crazy about! She loves getting all dressed up like the bigger girls, and having her hair braided and her show bows in her hair! My daughter is always excited for her lessons and her passion for horses continues every day! Thank you Courtney!